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Book in your free 20-minute call with me so I can help you find your media story, what media you can reach out to or help you hone your strategy. Of if you have no idea how to even get started … I can point you in the right direction.

Publicity Genie weaves traditional PR with the latest social media platforms and content marketing strategies to get your story into the hands of the right people.

Your story is your most powerful marketing asset. We work with you to raise your profile, cement you as the GO TO person in your field and find you media, speaking and promotional opportunities.




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Talking about yourself is hard … no one want to do that! That is why you need to got to someone else talking about you. It’s called third-party credibility.   You can use it by getting your story into the the media, or winning an award, or getting speaking gigs or running your own networking events … becoming a person of influence. Don’t forget the power of  new media like blogging, video, podcast and social media. EVERY business has something to say; has a story to tell. Publicity Genie’s fresh approach will help you raise your profile, lock in your place as an expert and leverage your brand and profile. Some call it PR, getting free publicity; we call relationship building and storytelling – getting your content into the right hands so your ideal audience knows what you do, how you do it and why you do. Packages from $675 per month (or we can do hourly packages – you pick the time).

Public Relations Online Courses



Urgh … not another training program or workshop? YES! Time is short and most of us have a small business for marketing … but we want big results? Life is just so damn busy. That is why most of our training is available online. For those who want to learn the basics of getting into the media and creating great content to leverage with bloggers, podcasters and influencers, there is 5 MINUTE PR – a 4-week program with 2 videos a week taking you through how to find stories, write them, find media contacts and what to send when you send your release – $157.

Or come on one of our ADVENTURE trips.

Or HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PUBLICITY GENIE – 5 modules of content rich step-by-step info and action sheets to help you be your own PR person. Get access to this program for 12 months for $597 (plus exclusive content, interviews and resources). We’ve made it easy and bite-sized. Learn more here


Custom, creative & affordable web solutions for SMEs. We work with you to develop the website  you need to propel your business forward. We help you build your brand authority with consistent visual branding and key messages across all your digital platforms and also implement the latest digital marketing funnel strategies. Well… that sounds boring!  We do all of this so you do not have to worry.  We just need your content (or we can do it for you) and then we can get started creating the perfect site for you.


Social Media Management


Social media management, marketing funnels & brand strategy. So much to choose from, so little time.

We will work with you to find the right one for you and your audience. If we are getting all formal about it, we are talking target audience, platform, messages and content – works and images. We want you to to focus your time and money on to get the best return for your business. With a tailored strategy, you can build effective campaigns to develop strong relationships, engage your customers, grow your list and ultimately increase sales.


Get your hands on my “Be Your Own Publicity Genie” workbook. Click below to find out more and to purchase your copy so you can build great marketing foundations and uncover the story magic in your business:


Here are the PR actions I can either do for you or teach you:
• Strategy development – PR, social media or PR and social media
• Media releases
• Media pitching
• Blogs
• Social media content development and posting
• Interview prep
• Article writing
• Editing/proofreading
• Web content
• Sales emails
• Newsletters

I’ve also written a book if you’d like to DIY some Press Releases and Media Outreach. You can find out more here – PUBLICITY BOOK.

Annette Densham's Book -Be your own Publicity Genie

The Power of PR: Free publicity is 3x more effective than advertising because someone else is giving you credibility.


You CAN NOT buy that.




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Collectively, our clients have received over $4 million worth of free publicity.



Annette Densham

Annette Densham

Publicity Superwoman | Co-Founder Publicity Genie

Engaging Speaker | Trainer | Author | Award Winning Publicity Strategist | Publicity Management | Public Relations | Creative Writer

Annette Densham is a weaver of words, engaging story teller, hoarder of knowledge, larrikin, mum, wife and lover of musicals… now working closely with entrepreneurs and innovators on raising their profile by tapping into the power of PR and social media.

Aliska Bierman

Aliska Bierman

Business Branding & Web Design | Co-Founder Publicity Genie

Website Design | Business Branding | Digital Marketing

Aliska’s magic lies in developing content marketing strategies to help SMEs achieve their marketing goals such as building brand recognition, authority and trust; customer engagement; boosting sales; and reducing overall marketing costs.

Rebecca McGregor

Rebecca McGregor

PR Partner| Publicity Genie

Publicity Management | Public Relations | Creative Writer
UK born and bred, Rebecca McGregor grew up with storytelling in her blood. Her love for writing led Rebecca into the world of PR and with over 14 years under her belt, her experience speaks for itself. With a no nonsense journalistic approach, she enjoys descriptive writing.

Check out our blog for tips and how to articles for the latest information on industry trends, tools and advice for doing your own publicity, marketing and raising your profile.


Why writing a blog is not enough to build your profile

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and expertise with your target audience … especially in your voice. It is an informal way to connect your genius with those looking to tap into it. BUT … it is not enough to write a blog, upload it on your website and cross your fingers waiting for the hordes of readers to find you. SEO will certainly help. If you want to be the go-to person in your niche, you must share the love farther afield. Back in the old days – like three years ago – five to six touches were enough to close a sale, generate a lead, build trust and connection.  Now … it takes a lot more to build that trust. We are all so much more cynical about the intent behind people’s content, just waiting for them to pounce on us to sell something. How dare they be in business to sell something! (that is whole other blog). These days it is more like 20 touches.  People want to build a relationship with you.  If they do not know you exist, writing and posting your blog on your website won’t cut it. You have to get good at promotion (I call it PR … building powerful relationships). There are many apps and programs you can use to push your content out to more people – Buzzfeed, Outbrain, Coschedule.  Now more than ever, people want to connect with those they do business with (that’s the future of marketing – relationships). Pushing your content out using paid tools may seem less authentic in the... read more

{BUSINESS LESSONS} How The Worst Things Can Be The Best Thing

Being called into the COO’s office to be told your job is gone was one of the worst days in my professional life. I have never lost a job EVER.  Has that ever happened to you? After being headhunted for my ‘dream job’ to be let go 12 months later was crushing. I thought it was the end of my world. That was three years ago. Life is now completely different. I am so grateful to my previous employer for taking my safety net away. It pushed me into this life. How’s that for a silver lining? As a lifelong employee, my head was filled with uncertainty – how would I survive without a regular income? My security was gone. My purpose seemed pointless. I spiralled into depression because so much of my being was tied up in what I did. It’s your stage As I slowly emerged from my self-imposed exile – locked in my home, living off my redundancy package, sulking and feeling sorry for myself – it dawned on me the worst thing can be the best thing. I seriously went from redundancy to rock star – on a stage of my making. Of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s easy to look back with rose coloured glasses and see what you want; to forget the despondency and the loss of identity. To brush aside the negative and focus on the positive (after all, life is meant to be sunshine and rainbows; you only need to look at Facebook to see how perfect everyone’s life is). But life is not sanitised and we need the... read more

{EXAMPLE} Creating a hero story

This is an example of a hero story.  It has all the elements to build a compelling and engaging story to capture the attention of the media, which it did. This story can also be turned in to a blog (see below). Media release Forest Lake resident and disability support worker Lisa Constantine has had some tough choices to make in her life … especially how she was going to live life after surviving an horrific car accident 20 years ago. Like all victors after adversity, Lisa chose to take the path of optimism, taking good from the bad. She is now focused on sharing the lessons she learnt through her recovery with others through her book A Simple Drive Home. “I wanted my story to not be one of ‘poor me’ or negativity. I really wanted to make sure what I had been through was more than something awful.” Lisa said. “My story is terrible. To leave home to go about my day and to be then be cut out of my car after a P plater crashed into me was not how I saw my life going. “I was newly married, we had built our new home and were talking about how many children we would have.” That all changed in an instant, snowballing into years of of rehab, physio and the breakdown of her marriage. Lisa said she knew is she wanted to move out of feeling sorry for herself, she had to change the way she looked at the accident. “I need to turn it into something positive,” she said. “So I started to write my story.... read more

26 Ways To Find Good Stories In Your Business

The ability to tell  stories is a valuable skill. However, not everyone has been gifted with this skill. Do not despair. If you can learn the elements of a good story, coupled with great story ideas and follow the formula to write a media release (that you can turn into a blog – just take out the quotes), then you too can master storytelling for PR purposes. The elements of a good story are the same whether you are writing a fiction book or content for your website. These are the five elements to a good story The Hero – The key player of your story. Rising Action – These are the small events that happen along the way leading to the climax. Climax – This is the big, finale event. The hero makes a decision in response to an action. Falling Action – This is the action after the climax. A Great Ending – Every story needs a conclusion. It includes the reflection of the hero about what he/she has learned from the events in the story. Get the edge on story angles Once you realise what makes a great story, you will be able to start identifying opportunities within your business, pretty soon you will not be able to stop creating content! To help you along, here are 26 different ‘angles’ (that’s what a journalist calls your story idea). Once you have come up with an angle, you then have to ‘pitch’ it to the media … we’ll cover that in Chapter 17. Seasonal story – leverage off a holiday or seasonal event (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s... read more

{AWARDS} 5 Ways To Brag About An Award Win

It is business awards season. The perfect tool to use to get the ultimate in publicity. If used the right way, a business award win can provide ongoing promotion opportunities that won’t cost you a stack of money or time. The most obvious is media attention. Getting your story in the media certainly adds to your street cred – there is nothing more powerful than having a story written about you by someone else. Add to that … a story about winning (even being nominated) for an award – you have a double banger third party credibility. But this is not the only way to tell people about your achievement. There is this wonderful tool called ‘leverage’. It is a powerful verb – to use (a quality or advantage) to obtain a desired effect or result: to exert power or influence on. To use the power of one point to influence people. The reason leverage is so powerful is this: promoting and publishing your business is not a one-off job. You have to keep doing stuff over and over, on an ongoing basis to reach more and more people. Why do you think big brands continue to advertise and create content? You have to keep front of mind. • If you want to build a relationship with the media, you can’t stop at one media release. • If you want to connect with your target audience, you have to provide useful and helpful info on a regular basis. • If you want to establish your expertise and showcase your knowledge, you have to create content EVERY week about different... read more

{ANTI-CHAT FEST} Your Job Is To Work On Your Business

GET SHIT DONE RETREAT AUGUST 3 TO 5   BRISBANE Stop putting of stuff like blogging, social media content, media releases, updating web content, planning for business growth next few months. You can get a lot done in a two and a bit days … and I’d love to help you. There is not schedule. There is no structure except the one set by you.  I will be there to help you with ANY PR or marketing job you want to nail. So the rest of the year unfolds with more clients and more money in your bank account. I can help you with marketing strategy, social media content, ideas for blogs and stories, entering awards, writing grants, content that engages … anything to do with marketing and PR. I want to get stuff done too … that is why the price is stupid low. $600 for the two and a bit days (a place to lay your head, all your food – we’ll all dig in a cook together and help from a multi-international award winning journalist and PR chick). The retreat starts on Thursday afternoon where we will set our goal/s for the weekend, creating an action plan so we can leave knowing we have ticked those boxes. We will work til 9pm to make the most of our days together. Then we get to work on whatever it is you need to get done. Price is $600 – that includes accomodation, food (but we will all dig in to cook) and my guidance/help.  Not bad for three days of PR love. Retreat finishes up 11am on Saturday 5... read more

{PLANNING} Three Ms for Mapping Your Small Business Path To Get Publicity

I work with a lot of small businesses. Some know exactly who they are and where they are going but the vast majority, while having the best products and service, are stuck in practitioner mode and hesitant to step out and grab publicity. Focused on the day-to-day, with no plan or strategies in place, marketing not a priority and often left wondering where the next customer or client will come from. They are brilliant at what they do but trying to do it all alone and without a plan. One of the things I love is training small business peeps to do is be their own publicity genie. After I get through explaining PR is and why it should be a tool to be used to build their profile and business, I ask ‘who has a plan – a marketing plan or a business plan?’, you can hear the crickets. Maybe, two people in a room of 20 people say yes. It does make it more challenging to get where you want to be without a plan. It is like getting in a car to go to Melbourne, without looking at a map and keeping your fingers crossed hoping you are heading in the right direction just be relying on your best guess. Business success, starts and ends, with having a plan. A map that lays out your direction, the tools you need to get there and the people you need to help you achieve your goals. Relying on your natural talents is not enough. But … before you even get started creating a PR/marketing plan, it is good... read more

{PUBLICITY} Is Your Private Facebook Post Just Clickbait For The Media?

Are Facebook posts story fodder for journalists lurking in groups? Especially private or closed groups? As a member of these groups, do you have an expectation that what you say in the group stays in the group? Given Facebook (and other platforms) are SOCIAL media, is there really such a thing as private? Who has a right to share your Facebook posts? Members of one group on Facebook found out recently that what they share in the group was great content for a journalist, who approached the group founder to reprint what members were saying about a topic. From all accounts … shit hit the fan! Not happy Jan was the consensus because many of these members shared their stories thinking they were doing so in a safe space. What is the protocol here? Let’s look at the nature of Facebook and journalism … is any publicity, good publicity? More and more journalists look to social media for ideas and story ideas. Every day there is a story somewhere in the media collating tweets, turning them into news (especially when it comes to celebs talking about the death of another celeb or feedback about a reality TV show). As more journalists rely on social media to find stuff to write about, we must ask what is acceptable when it comes to using comments and posts that were not written or shared for use as a media story. So … are your posts fair game for journalists? And do they have to tell each person they are quoting their posts is juicy clickbait? It is a grey area.  After scouring the... read more

{TIPS} How To Promote Your Event For Free (Or For A Little Bit Of Cash}

Event planning is job unto itself. Organising venues, guest lists, seating food, and the most important task – taking the time to promote your event. This should be your primary focus – getting bottoms on seats.  Because what is the point in holding the event if you do not tell anyone it is on? If you are on a limited budget, marketing an event may be challenging EXCEPT if you know how to get publicity and promote your event for free or a small cost. So … how to go about it? Here are three ways to do it. Flick the media release What? Did I just say that? Me … a PR genie?  If you are new to the promoting game and have never written a media release, you may do what so many do and write it as a sales/marketing piece.Journalists are not in the business of marketing or promoting your business – that is just an added extra  Chances are you will get a response letting you know your release has been sent to the advertising department. Or … you may write too much, turning it into war and peace … a great way to get your release deleted. Or … you waffle and take too long to get to the point. I suggest using my media release hack … otherwise known as an email. Here is an example to copy and use: Hi Journalist On May 4, I am hosting an event featuring Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker at May The Fourth Be With You luncheon. I think your readers will be interested in hearing... read more

{GETTING YOUR STORY OUT THERE} How to find stories journalists want

Stop … Yes, you! I see you and what you are doing. I see the amazing business you have. The people you help. The problems you solve. I bet if I asked you if you have a story to tell you would say ‘no’. I also bet if we spent 30 minutes together, I could find over 10 stories in your business you could share with the media because I know you have them (you just need a prod to help start the story digging process). Once you know what a journalist is looking for, then you will have stories on tap. I use a really cool tool called Content Creation Matrix to help pull out story ideas. Sharing your stories Either your personal stories or our business stories is the most incredible way to connect with your target audience.  To engage them. To inspire them. To give hope. To provide useful information. Stories can be shared using a blog, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, article websites or … the most powerful platform for sharing a story – the media. The key to getting media coverage is knowing what a journalist wants.  You can get all fancy schmansy and complicated with your story but really, a journalist is looking for a good story that will engage THEIR audience. So the key here is KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE – match that with the right media outlet and you are onto a winner. Do we have a problem? But the age old problem with people sharing stories is most have no idea what makes a good story or that they even have one.... read more

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