There Is No Better Time To Plan 2017 Than NOW

There Is No Better Time To Plan 2017 Than NOW

Planning your publicity and promotion strategy now will not only help generate new ideas and opportunities for you, it’ll give you peace of mind in your day-to-day operations. While PR plans are always subject to change, planning ahead will enable you to stick to your overall goals and maintain your focus.

Using your plan to get publicity means you will be able to roll out your media releases and publicity activities in a strategic way. These are all the things I take into consideration before I get started. This is also known as a marketing plan.

Here is what you need to consider…

 Determine your message, market and media to get publicity

  1. Do your research

Will help you anticipate needs and changes. You can’t plan for everything but you can have strategies and initiatives in place to point you in the right direction to get publicity. Conduct surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews to get a good idea of what your current customers/ clients like about you, why they do business with you etc. Survey Monkey is a good resource. Also look at your competitors – what is they are doing well, what do their customers say about them?

  1. Know your target audience

Get to know the people and groups who will receive your message; this also includes who you want to target in the media. Knowing your audience will help you tailor your message.

  1. Know what you want to say

Once you know who your audience is, you can then work on your key messages – what is you want them to know about you.

  1. Know other stakeholders

Who else would be interested in what you are doing? If you have employees, shareholders, JV partners etc they will need to understand and know what you are doing. Most importantly, you will need their support.

TIP – Don’t forget to share your PR successes with them.

  1. Know the market

Make sure you check out other companies especially your competitors. Find out where other opportunities are. By exploring the market, you will also uncover other platforms for your products or services, other ways to craft your message and new markets.

  1. Identify your media targets

Once you worked out who you want to share your message with, you can then identify the right media to connect with, which it makes it easier to get publicity.

  1. Avoid overwhelm

Know what you can do and can’t do. To do this, have a good grasp on your time, budget and who does what. If it is within your budget, hire a PR professional because sometimes you can’t do everything!

  1. Timeline

A visual guide to help you define where and when you are going to implement certain strategies in your plan. Take into account media deadlines and other important events when it comes to planning to get publicity.

  1. Take action

Once your plan is in place, it is time to implement it. Because you have taken the time to plan your publicity and promotion campaign’s roll out, you can allocate time to action the items in the plan. Continue to monitor your plan – it is not a bookshelf ornament; it is a living document subject to change.

Knowing your target audience is a great place to start … here is my blog about knowing who your business bestie is.

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