Four Situations in Which Sending a Media Release is Not the Best Approach

Four Situations in Which Sending a Media Release is Not the Best Approach

What I am going to tell you now may sound a bit strange…but there are times when you do not need to use a media release. For those of you that struggle to put the proverbial pen to paper, you are probably signing with relief!

As small business owners, we only have so many hours in the day…and we want to make sure this time is leveraged as effectively as possible. You will be pleased to know there are times where you can save time by not writing a release.


There are four situations where a release is a waste of time.


1. You have spent months building a relationship with the journalist and know when you call they are happy to talk to you.

If you have a good story (and a good relationship) just pick up the phone and pitch your idea then and there. My wonderful friend and client Melissa Schembri (5 Secrets To A Happy Workplace) has worked hard to connect with the journalist who writes for her local paper. She can flick off an email advising this journalist what she is up to and gets a run almost every time). BUT…this took time and patience. Remember: public relations and getting publicity for free is a long term strategy.

2. You’ve got nothing.

Really, if you have nothing going on and are just putting out something for the sake of it, don’t bother. Is it really worth jeopardising your relationship with your media outlet of choice. Only send something when you have something of substance to say. In my free webinar 5 Secrets To Get One Million Dollars In Publicity For Free, I talk about how everyone has a story to tell. But if you don’t know how to find that story, don’t send out some boring, dull media release – no one is interested in you selling your 1000th BBQ or that you have launched your new website.

3. If you are only putting out a release to increase your rankings.

Of course, when you put out a media release through a direction site, you want to optimise it for keywords to increase your presence online. But when you start putting out media releases just for SEO, chances are the release is low quality and has no substance. Why do something that gets no attention?

4. Having no plan is a recipe for failure.

Spend some time planning your PR campaign so everything you put out has substance and a purpose. Using a public relations strategy to promote and market your business is all about the long term – don’t expect to be on the front page of the paper with your first release. Everything you do should have a purpose.

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