Content is king. 

Most of us feel like jesters when it comes to creating it – we’re either unsure of what to do, how to come up with interesting ideas that do not feel like they have been done to death or even if we have something of value to say.

The best way to connect with your audience is to give them info, ideas, topics and useful content they can use to make their lives better and easier.

Do you know what that means for you?

You have created a valuable relationship – because people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Give them content that doest that.

ONE DAY WORKSHOP TO SHOW YOU – how to use it to connect with potential clients and convert into sales.

How to use those awesome stories you know you have (deep down) to connect with journalists, who will share your story to MORE people?

Do you freeze up when it comes to writing stuff for your Facebook page, your website blog or to share with the media about something awesome you have done?

You are seriously not alone.

I specialise in helping people find great stories to share across all these platforms.  I have 32 different ways to help you come up with things to write about.

Great content helps you build powerful relationships. Great content – sharing information that informs, inspires and  educates is a tools you can use to get leads, make more sales, get publicity through the media and cement you as the authority in your space.

Every single one of us in business has stories to share.

I know you probably think you have nothing to say or who would be interested in your story. As a former journalist, I can tell that I would.  As a business person who has problems that need solving,  I can tell you I need to know how you can help me BUT  I want to know you care about me first.

Writing great content helps you reach out and connect with the people who need what you do.

But if you sit and stare at a blank screen not sure about what to write and where to sahre it, you are in the right place.

At this one day workshop,  I will take you by the hand and show you:

  • 30 ways to come up with content/story ideas
  • How to use curated content to drive engagement and followers
  • What makes good content
  • Where to share your content and how often
  • How to write four pieces of content (blogs or articles) per month and reuse in multiple ways
  • How to write compelling and interesting content
  • The quickest way to turn your stories into content to share with the media
  • Different ways to structure content – from media releases to Facebook posts to articles
  • A sneak peak into the media and what they want

You will leave with at least FIVE story ideas fleshed out, templates for writing a media release, create one month plan for your content and a workbook that will keep you on track.

I would like to say I will put on dancing girls and all the bells and whistles … but I am not like that.  I just want to give you the facts – to show you just what is possible for you and your business by creating great content.

Book your ticket.  

It is only $297 plus you get an electronic copy of my book How To Be Your Own Publicity Genie (which will lay it all out for you to take home to keep working).

Go forth and stand out, Annette

PS – So who am I?

A 30 year journalist and PR veteran (makes me sound so old). I have written stories for some of Australia’s most well known papers and crossed to the other side to share stories and content with the media and new media.

I now work solely with small business people like you to show them how to use publicity and content to promote their business.

So I know what makes a good story and who to connect that story with … and I want to share that with you.