The Courier Mail ran a story about a lady with a rare hearing condition. So far, it has over 400 comments, 70 shares and my client’s email and phone has been running hot. TV programs and other print media have also jumped on this story with it being replicated in Women’s Weekly and Daily News. A great result.

What you do not see is the work that went into this story.

Oh … and every business has something media worthy to share – it is just working out what. Once you know how, it is like turning on a tap.

1. Find a great angle – my client has developed a new treatment for a range of conditions that taps into neuroscience and brain plasticity. It is the first of its kind and is a real game changer. But this was not enough for a good story … we needed proof it worked. So we added the human element to it (news values – emotion) to make it a stronger story.

2. Wrote the media release – making sure the most important elements – who, what, where, when. how and why.

3. Pitch – we pitched it to a range of media we thought this would be a great story for and followed up.

4. Patience – so we get NOTHING back. My client was frustrated. I said this was normal and let’s just keep chasing. Follow UP!

5. A win – finally one of the journalists we sent the release to got back to us and started the interview process.

6. Patience … again – the journalist told us the story would run on the weekend. It didn’t. This happens. There are no guarantees in dealing with the media – your PR person cannot guarantee a story will be picked up, the journalist cannot guarantee it will run (the editor has final say), something else may come up.

From the time we sent the media release it was almost four weeks until the story ran. And the result was excellent. However, know that this may not always be the case and that is why a plan is vital – have an editorial calendar with stories up your sleeve for each month, develop relationships with your target media, understand what makes news and follow the formula:

story (good angle) + media release + pitch + right journalist +patience = media win.

One last thing … if your media release does not get a run or your story gets canned, REPURPOSE Change your release into an article, distribute it online, post it on Google +, write a PULSE piece for LinkedIn, splinter into pieces for a social media campaign). There does not have to be only one.