Awards – Not Just For The Big Names

Awards – Not Just For The Big Names

And … the winner is …

Imagine the feeling of being called to the stage as the winner of an award, recognising your achievements in your genius zone.

Hearing your name.

Knowing you have made a difference.

Knowing that your hard work has been ackowledged

Chances are you have no idea how to go about applying for an award. Right?

Or … where to even start looking for the right award for you

Or … what words to use

Or … what to include in your application

I’m telling you that you do not have to be a big business to enter awards. Here is little old me. I work by myself for myself. Despite working in PR, I am not comfortable bit noting myself or my achievements.  I think most Australians feel this way (that’s why we shy away from using PR to promote our businesses).

So the first time I entered an award, I felt a bit awkward.  Why would anyone look at what I do and think it is worthy of recognition?

I am no one special. Geez, when I look at my competitors, my media career is no where near as impressive – no major front page breaking news, I was never chief of staff, asked the big questions or reach any ready heights. I just love telling  stories.  Once, I got over myself and realised comparing myself to others was pointless, I understood the value of what I delivered to my target market – affordable training helping small businesses understand the power of storytelling. Then understood that being recognised for this was a great way to let people know I am good at what I do.

This year, I have won three awards – one national award for my work helping small business owners learn how to be tell their stories for publicity, profile and profit and two international awards for my achievements and growth as a startup business.

I have also helped multiple clients apply and nominate for awards with four winning international business awards and one making it the Telstra Business Awards as a finalist (let me tell you that award is so worth entering). You know, even if you do not win people are still impressed that you went to the effort to apply and put yourself out there (the media find it interesting too).

And … when I was wearing a suit working in corporate, I wrote and submitted many winning award entries and grant applications.

There are so many benefits in being nominated for an award…even more when you win one.

It helps you:

Lock in your purpose and your goals

Some award have a comprehensive entry process. This helps you look at your why, vision and where you are going. 

The power of PR

There are some amazing PR and free publicity ops when you are a finalist and an award winner. You can get stories in your local paper all the way through to TV interviews.

Shout it from the roof tops

Share your nomination and win with your network. This cements your profile as the expert in your field.  Awards are the ultimate third party crediblity.

Trophies and money

Some awards have cash prizes. Others impressive trophies.

Over the next three months, there are:

  • The Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
  • Smart Start Up Awards
  • The Australian Business Awards    
  • Telstra Australian Business Awards    
  • Australian Small Business Champion Awards        
  • Australian Business Quality Awards   
  • Anthill Awards              
  • Australian Customer Service Awards      
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards              
  • Family Business Australia Awards    
  • MyBusiness Awards

Any one of these you could enter … and win.

So … I am going to do a webinar on how to find awards, write award applications, what to say and how to leverage the nomination.

If you like to register….go here.

Go forth and be noticed, Annette

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