{Build Your Profile} Adding FAQs To Your Media Kit

{Build Your Profile} Adding FAQs To Your Media Kit

What are the questions you get asked a lot? Do you know you can add these to your media kit?

Do you find there are common questions you get asked over and over about your product/service?

There are so many uses for these FAQs … but we have been talking about building your media kit. I tell my clients ALL THE TIME to make it easy for a journalist to find out as much about you as possible.

So you can use your FAQs to give the media peek into your business. Brainstorm all the questions you think they will have about your business.

Include a few of these in your media kit. This little pack of all the good news about your business will help the journalist who just wants a quick answer to a question. They are in deadline, racing to get a job done and do not have time to make a phone call to get an answer to a simple question – after all you want them asking the meaty questions.

I like to think of the media kit as a silver platter for a journalist.

A Few Tips for Writing FAQs

– Put yourself in your audience’s shoes; figure out what questions they might be ask and provide the answers you’d like to hear/read
– Ask your target market what they need and want to know from you
– Go over your email and see what questions you are being asked
– Don’t waffle – be concise. Give enough info so it is clear
– Use bullets when you have lists
– It is ok to set out Q: What is the question? A: This is the answer
– Be accurate in what you say
– Leave some white space so it does not look cluttered
– Include the top five FAQs
– Write what people really need to know
– Use the active rather than the passive voice

And the really cool thing … you can also use these FAQs as the basis for blog topics or media releases. It’s all about repurposing – why do your head in trying to come up with hundreds of content ideas when people telling you what they want to know!

Don’t forget to put the FAQs on your website.


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