Let Me Write Your Content To Help You Get Publicity

Let Me Write Your Content To Help You Get Publicity

I know …  writing your own content can be a real challenge. Especially if you want publicity – what to say, what to write about, who to send it to …

I catch myself telling people it is easy … but then again, I have been doing this most of my working life. it is second nature to me. If you want publicity, getting great content out there is your secret weapon.

So … if it is not easy for you, you have no idea where to start, what to say or how to say it, let me take the frustration out of sharing your story. For a limited time, I will write any content  for you for HALF the price I normally do it.

Why?  I actually LOVE writing  (well … any story). I figure if I can help you get your story out there, that is a win-win. I also love seeing people get noticed for their awesomeness and publicity is a great way to do this.

I can write for you:

  • a LinkedIn profile that stands out
  • a bio for your website, media kit, social media profiles
  • a blog in your ‘voice’
  • a media release with a great news angle
  • an article for a guest writing spot
  • anything that needs words and flair
  • content designed specially to get publicity

Click here to go to the payment page. Instead of paying $500 for a 500-word piece, you’ll only pay $250.

This is what you get:

  • Your content written by a print journalist and communications specialist with over 25 years experience writing content and media releases
  • A catchy headline and a ripper opening paragraph designed to grab attention
  • Stress relief – no more pulling your hair wondering what to write and how to write it
  • Content you can adapt into a blog or social media posts or a video or a LinkedIn post or an article or a guest blog

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The small print (which is not so small cos it is the same size as the rest of the copy)

  • This is for NEW clients
  • You will receive your first draft within 72 hours of paying
  • Upon payment, you will receive a document you MUST fill in to help me write your story
  • You will get one round of changes
  • If I write a media release for you, there are no guarantees of media coverage

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