Don’t Believe The Hype

Don’t Believe The Hype

As a journalist, my duty is to find and tell great stories. Before a story goes to print, it is vital to fact check; to make sure what I’m sharing is true and right.

Yet, despite this important job, the media sometimes gets it wrong … and yet despite a general cynicism towards the media, many believe that what is published is gospel. I often chuckle to myself when someone shares a ‘fact’ from the media followed by ‘it was on such and such, so it must be true.’

Ah ….. not always.

We form many of our opinions about politics, celebs and life based on what the media shares but unless you take the time to find out for yourself, you really only have one dimension of the truth.

The same with social media. How often do you see something shared on Facebook and it is just too outrageous to be true? But we really REALLY want it to be true … and re-post it just on the off chance we will benefit.

Like … Mark Zuckerberg giving away millions. Or some petrol station warning story about checking your back seat, or that you will lose your kidneys if you stay at a certain hotel.

We share it without checking if its BS or not. Sometimes we share and comment without reading the article. Just going by the headline, which are often just click bait designed to draw us in and then sucker us with some vapid story about nothing that really matters.

I find or great places to see if what I’m about to share is true or not. So I suppose the moral of my rant is before you share or lock your opinion in stone, take the time to dig deeper … be a discerning reader and sharer of knowledge.  Otherwise, you may look like a sucker!

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