Expose You Free Publicity Workshop

Expose You Free Publicity Workshop

Free publicity from the media is powerful social proof of how awesome you and your business are – and money cannot buy this third party credibility. Time poor and resource strapped journalists are eager for good quality stories from small businesses. They WANT and NEED your story. You do not need to engage an agency, go to uni to learn how to be your own PR expert, or be a big business to stand out – you just need to know how to find a good story and who to give that story to.

Before you put on your PR cap, there are some things you need to avoid so your story does not end up in the bin. PR is a vital tool in your marketing tool belt so knowing what NOT to do will make you more effective. Just like any business strategy, having the foundations locked in will help you create a winning PR plan.

If your message is unclear, you miss deadlines, don’t take the time to target the right journalist, have no idea how to find stories in your business, are impatient, inconsistent, sell not tell, have no PR plan.

With the changes in technology and the way we reach out to each other, if you are not tapping into ALL possible platforms to get your message out there, you are missing out.

Knowing the tips and tricks to how to Expose Yourself To The Media will help you raise your profile, get more leads and clients and grow your business without forking out big bucks.

You will walk away knowing:

– Why journalists would rather hear from you – the business owner – than me – the PR person
– How to find stories in your business – even if you think it is boring.
– The difference between PR and advertising – why is it so powerful?
– DIY PR – and why it is not as hard as you think
– What journalists are REALLY looking for
– How to use one story for multiple uses

Register for this free webinar http://bit.ly/1J0KNCV

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