{Free Publicity) 11 Ways To Get Noticed By The Media

{Free Publicity) 11 Ways To Get Noticed By The Media

Getting your story in the media is an AWESOME way to get noticed. This third party credibility is something you cannot buy. It is someone else saying how incredible you are. Completely opposite to advertising and traditional marketing – where you are paying to say good things about yourself.

Getting your story out there is not hard; but it does required commitment. Getting publicity is all about being resistant, persistent and consistent. Seriously, nothing happens in your business unless you drive it. PR is not just sending one media release out and expecting to be famous overnight.

Your first step is decide what you want to achieve.

Do you want:
brand awareness
website visits
lead generation
expert status
phone calls
opt ins

When you are sending stories to journalists, the idea is to give them what they want and need.  Serve up your story on a silver platter they cannot ignore.  Your goal is to get publicity by presenting a great story to the journalist.

So … how do you do this?

The idea is to send a great story.

Yeh. Yeh. I hear you.  You’re in business. You’re not a storyteller.

Well, I say you are. We are all storytellers and we all love being told a story.  The trick for those in business is to know where to find these stories. I am going to give you 11.

1. Be the first, the newest, the oldest, the biggest, the smallest

That’s why its called NEWS.  It is about something new. Be different, Be outrageous. Be the first.

2. Win an award

Your local papers LOVES stories of local winners.  Winning an award is a multi prong PR approach – an award gives you credibility and then the media article amplifies this credibility. The power of free publicity.

If you do win an award, don’t just rely on the publicity sent out by the award organisers, send out your own.

3. Get good at newsjacking

Monitor the news and then submit your opinion about that story. Add a different perspective and add value to the story.

4. How to, steps and tips

Business publications love articles about how to, tips and steps to success, solve a problem, understand an topic or educate. Your years of experience in your field makes you the expert and journalists need your insights.

5. Surveys

Find out what people think about specific issues, topics or challenges related to your industry/niche. Use Survey Monkey to create a series of questions to generate a news story where you can reveal those insights.  The free publicity you get for revealing these insights is gold.

6. Get involved with a charity

Cash is good but what is more valuable is your time and your product.  What can you do for a local charity or  a not for profit relevant to your business.  Do it with authenticity and be genuine … and then share with the media. It is a win win for you and the charity.

7. Solve a problem

What issues does your business fix? What problems do you solve for your clients/customers?  Brainstorm at least 10 problems you solve – turn that into a how to list and give solutions.

8. Create a problem

How can you shake up the world?  What do you see that other people are missing?

9. Comment on a trend

Turn yourself into a commentator on a specific problem or industry.

10. Insider secrets

Does your industry have hidden secrets that can make life easier for other people?

11. Smorgasbord

Combine two or three of these story ideas and you have one powerful story – a great recipe for free publicity.

And … if you want to really nail your PR, I’d love to invite you to join me for How To Be Your Own Publicity Genie – an online publicity course that will teach you how to DIY PR.

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