Free Webinar – Info On Qld Government Home Based Business Grant

Free Webinar – Info On Qld Government Home Based Business Grant

For the first time, a state government is acknowledging the contribution of home-based businesses to our economy with announcement of $1 million over three years to help businesses grow.

If this is your first time in business, you may not be quite sure how you can use the grant money or what help you need. Time is running out as it closes 24 September.

The grant has two stages:

Stage 1 – Grants of up to $2,500 to assist stay-at-home parents to engage a consultant for professional advice to help establish or develop a home-based business. As part of this advice, the consultant will assist with developing a business action plan to support and improve business.

Stage 2 – Matching grant funding (dollar-for-dollar) of up to a further $2,500 may be provided to successful stage one recipients to make improvements or establish the business as detailed in the business action plan developed as part of stage one.

So this means you can hire someone like me to help you develop your business, marketing and PR plan.

Or financial advice from an accountant.

Or coaching from a business mentor.

Or help setting up your systems.

Or a combination of all of the above.

Publicity Genie is partnering with some other providers to help you get the most of this grant.

But…I am sure you have questions.

Which is the reason for this webinar. I would love to help you understand how this grant can work for you, how you can use the money.

I have spoken to the Department of Business to get some questions answered.

Join me – I will share what I have learnt, how I can help you and you can have your questions answered.

If you decide you want help with your marketing plan, you can book a time so I can help you complete your application.

I can help with:

– Writing your application – clarifying your project
– Clarity of your goals and purpose
– Creation of your perfect client avatar – who wants your product and services
– Development of key marketing messages
– Review of where you are at – website, social media, planning
– Clarity on the marketing and PR tools you need to use eg: brochures, flyers, pull up banners
– Development of content – your bio, web content, marketing content
– Guidance and advice on marketing your business
– Finding great stories in your business to use on social media, marketing and all other places you can share your products and services
– All wrapped up in a Marketing Plan you can roll out yourself or use Stage 2 of the grant to hire someone to help you

This a free informational session. I do not work for the government…but have spent time talking to them to understand how this grant works and how to help you.

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