Malcolm Gladwell Is Right…There’s No Overnight Success; It’s A Process

Malcolm Gladwell Is Right…There’s No Overnight Success; It’s A Process

I have many favourite books –as a writer, I love to read. There are a couple written by Malcom Gladwell – The Tipping Point and Outliers – whose principals ring true especially when it comes to using PR to get noticed.
In The Tipping Point, Gladwell writes …for something to become a fad or popular it goes

The same is true for raising your profile. PR is a process, not an event. It’s a marathon, not a sprint…a seed to nurture and grow. It is continual process. If you are expecting to get ROI in the first month or two, you will be, in most cases, disappointed. Think about how long it has taken to build your business to where it is now.

Like The Tipping Point, you secured a few early adopters that helped you start earning enough to get by. Then as your reputation grew and clients began seeking you out because of the power of word of mouth, your business turnover escalated. Did it happen overnight? The first month? The third? Chances are like all small business, it has taken about two years to get to the point where your income, client base and profile are at the point where you feel like successful.

PR is no different. It takes time to build relationships with journalists…months…even years. Time to find the right ones to form a relationship with, create suitable stories, read their stories and grow the relationship to the point where you are considered a valuable source.

Of course, you get a one-off story, have your 15 minutes for fame and then be gone. If you have not taken the time to hone your skills Like Outliers, becoming good at any skill can take 10,000 hours of practice and skill development. It takes time learning how to write good stories, finding the right contacts, planning, monitoring and leveraging your work to raise your profile and be seen as someone who knows their stuff.

Raising your profile is about persistence, consistency and tenacity. In other words – do not give up. You are not always going to get a run in the media but if you subscribe to long term gratification, over time, you will accumulate a significant portfolio of media work.

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