New Rules of PR Workshop – Brisbane

New Rules of PR Workshop – Brisbane

Want to know how to use PR to get thousands in free publicity – the best form of social proof there is?

Sound good?

It gets even better because what you will learn in one day will save you heaps.

And you will see that journalists WANT to hear from you. They need your stories. And…you do not have to fork out to pay a PR company to do it for you.

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What would an additional 2,000 subscribers do for your business?

How would you like to be seen by the media as an expert in your field?

What about learning how to create one story and use it multiple ways to get exposure?


As a journalist and PR consultant, I have worked both sides of the fence: I know a thing or two about how to make publicity work for you.

At the end of the day, you will walk away with:

1. Cutting edge insider secrets that will score you publicity on television, radio, newspaper and online. Almost every time.

2. Tips on how to get an edge over your competition

3. Ways to find newsworthy stories in your business

4. How you can splinter your content so you can reduce your marketing and advertising budget

5. Strategies on who, when and where to send your stories

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In this one day workshop, I will share with you my 25 years experience, shedding light on how to get the media knocking on your door begging you to share your story, so you can drive more traffic, get more leads and more sales for your business FAST.

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