{Online Publicity Course} How To Be Your Own Publicity Genie

{Online Publicity Course} How To Be Your Own Publicity Genie

If you want to understand how to use PR for your small business, How To Be Your Own Publicity Genie online course will lead you through the basics of cementing your marketing foundations, finding your stories and then who to send them too.

If you have a small business (and a small marketing budget but want big results), are an author, speaker or expert that wants to boost your profile or have a story that needs to be told, this course will make it happen.

Stop being the best kept secret. Be proud of what you are doing and share it far and wide.

Know the best PR person for your business is YOU. Embrace your inner storyteller. Embrace the power of great content.

Be Your Own Publicity Genie.

We go beyond mainstream media and explore second tier and online publications, which offer you access to your ideal client.

We set your foundations by crafting your influencer bio, your key messages and get to really know and understand your target audience so when you are creating stories, you speak to their heart and their painpoints.

If you have ever wanted to be well known for what you do, get more clients because they know you actually care about them and become a content creation machine, How To Be Your Own Publicity Genie has the tools to help you accomplish this.

At $497, you get unlimited access to the course, jampacked with everything I know about the media, PR and storytelling. With over 30 years of journalism, marketing and PR experience under my belt, that’s alot.

Every module comes with a workbook and templates that supports your learning. The exercises will help you focus on your message and where you want to have it heard. By the end of the course, you will have 12 months worth of story ideas (you can use for blogs, videos, stories, articles and media releases), media contacts and an understanding of where your story needs to be heard and have created your PR plan.

You will also receive exclusive invitations to Publicity Genie events, webinars and workshops that will suport your business growth.

Our secret Facebook page is your place to showcase your work and ask questions.

Every month, we will hold a Q&A webinar where you can ask all your questions (even the ones you thing are silly).

Here’s what we cover:

Five modules. Twenty three lessons – at your pace. Go as fast or as slow as you like.

Module 1
Ground control – Introduction and Overview of PR

Lesson 1 – What is PR?

Lesson 2 – Why you need PR

Lesson 3 – PR with purpose

Lesson 4 – 15 tips for success

Module 2

Getting your foundations right

Overview – what you need to get right

Lesson 1 – Who is your business bestie – client avatar

Lesson 2 – Your USP and POD

Lesson 3 – Key messages

Lesson 4 – What are the questions you are always asked?

Module 3

Five Ps of Publicity:

Lesson 1 – Purpose – What do you want to achieve? What is your business purpose?

Lesson 2 – Personal – Finding your story.

Lesson 3 – Prepare – Creating content that connects and converts

Lesson 4 – Plan – Creating your content calendar

Lesson 5 – Process – delivery and creation of plan

Lesson 6 – Pitching stories

Lesson 7 – Writing releases, blogs, social media posts

Lesson 8 – Building your black book

Lesson 9 – Media release distribution and the follow up

Lesson 10 – Media interview preparation

Module 4

Power Up

Lesson 1 – How to leverage your PR

Lesson 2 – Repurposing your content

Lesson 3 – Measuring for success

Lesson 4 – Other marketing strategies to use

Module 5


Lesson 1 – Tip and tricks to master building your profile

Once you have purchased the program, you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours with details of how to get started.

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