Oprah is right …

Oprah is right …

Like Oprah says … everyone has a story to tell.  “There is power and meaning in everybody’s story.”

That means you.  Your stories of triumph, adversity, challenges, wins, losses, helpful products and services, and stories that solve people’s problems.

By storytelling – I mean content with purpose.  Content that builds relationships. Raises your profile. And ultimately ends with a transaction. Not ‘once upon a time, in a far away land.’ I mean articles for newspapers and magazines, articles for online publications, blogs, social media posts, LinkedIn Pulse articles … get the picture? Ooohhhh those speak a thousand words.

These are five common features of a great story:

  • The Hero – The key player of your story.
  • Rising Action – The small events that happen along the way leading to the climax.
  • Climax – The boom time. The hero makes a decision in response to an action.
  • Falling Action – This is the action after the climax.
  • A Great Ending – Every story needs a conclusion. It often includes the reflection of the hero about what he/she has learned from the events in the story.

You can adapt these features to any style of content marketing you do.

Ho ho ho

It’s coming up to the end of the year.  I have never understood the urgency over fitting all socialising into one month in the lead up to Christmas or the OMG I have to set goals because it is the end of the year.  To me, this sets you up for end of the year exhaustion leading to lack of motivation.

This means guilt because goals have not been achieved by the psychological deadline of December 31. This means stress because suddenly there is so much to do catching up with people that there is not enough time to jsut keep working.

Holidays are great.  I love Christmas.  It is a time for me to take some time off.  But I also take time off during the year because pushing until there is nothing left makes no sense (it did take me some time to learn this).

So … what has this to do with storytelling. I can made an educated guess, that if you are like most people, you have not hit your goals, nor spent as much time as you would like working on your business.

I want to encourage you to take some time to plan out the next three months … and then make this a regular diary date over the next 12 months.  Think of today as the start of your new year. Planning, goal setting and looking ahead is vital to business growth … it must be done. Even if you think you suck at it, doing some planning is better than crossing your fingers and hoping the phone rings.

If you are not sure what story you have to tell to the media, I can assure you, you have stories in your business you can use for blogging, social media, and on your website.  Imagine the feeling of getting this job done and dusted before the craziness of a new year begins.

So when everyone else is pulling up stumps over Christmas, you can be a stand out with great content. You can have three months worth of content done and dusted, working for you over the break.

Christmas and new year are great times to approach the media with fresh, new content – outlets are running on skeleton staff and good content is needed … and wanted.

What’s this worth to you?

Free publicity is priceless…but imagine if you got a story for each of your media releases in a mainstream paper like the Courier Mail or Sydney Morning Herald or your local suburban paper?  To advertise your business in those publications, could cost you $10,000. So instead of paying $10k, you got this space for free!

Or … your story resonated with your ideal client who rang you and brought your product?

Or … your blog connected you with a powerful strategic partner that brought you into contact with three new clients. What’s is that worth to you?

Or … the journalist who ran your story loved your ideas and regularly called you as a valuable source?

Or … your social media posts engaged more and more people every week so when you put out an offer, you are inundated with people who want to do business with you?

The skies the limit when it come to using your stories to engage with the media and your ideal client.

If you need a prod in the right direction, give me a call or book in for a free discovery call.

See you soon, Annette

The Media Connector

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