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The Power of PR: Free publicity is 3x more effective than advertising because someone else is giving you credibility.

You CAN NOT buy that.

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Talking about yourself is hard … no one want to do that! That is why you need to got to someone else talking about you. It’s called third-party credibility.   You can use it by getting your story into the the media, or winning an award, or getting speaking gigs or running your own networking events … becoming a person of influence. Don’t forget the power of  new media like blogging, video, podcast and social media. EVERY business has something to say; has a story to tell. Publicity Genie’s fresh approach will help you raise your profile, lock in your place as an expert and leverage your brand and profile. Some call it PR, getting free publicity; we call relationship building and storytelling – getting your content into the right hands so your ideal audience knows what you do, how you do it and why you do. Packages from $675 per month (or we can do hourly packages – you pick the time).


Urgh … not another training program or workshop? YES! Time is short and most of us have a small business for marketing … but we want big results? Life is just so damn busy. That is why most of our training is available online. For those who want to learn the basics of getting into the media and creating great content to leverage with bloggers, podcasters and influencers, there is 5 MINUTE PR – a 4-week program with 2 videos a week taking you through how to find stories, write them, find media contacts and what to send when you send your release – $157.

Or come on one of our ADVENTURE trips.

Or HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PUBLICITY GENIE – 5 modules of content rich step-by-step info and action sheets to help you be your own PR person. Get access to this program for 12 months for $597 (plus exclusive content, interviews and resources). We’ve made it easy and bite-sized.


Custom, creative & affordable web solutions for SMEs. We work with you to develop the website  you need to propel your business forward. We help you build your brand authority with consistent visual branding and key messages across all your digital platforms and also implement the latest digital marketing funnel strategies. Well… that sounds boring!  We do all of this so you do not have to worry.  We just need your content (or we can do it for you) and then we can get started creating the perfect site for you.


Social media management, marketing funnels & brand strategy. So much to choose from, so little time.

We will work with you to find the right one for you and your audience. If we are getting all formal about it, we are talking target audience, platform, messages and content – works and images. We want you to to focus your time and money on to get the best return for your business. With a tailored strategy, you can build effective campaigns to develop strong relationships, engage your customers, grow your list and ultimately increase sales.


Annette Densham

Publicity Superwoman | Co-Founder Publicity Genie

Engaging Speaker | Trainer | Author | Award Winning Publicity Strategist | Publicity Management | Public Relations | Creative Writer

Annette Densham is a weaver of words, engaging story teller, hoarder of knowledge, larrikin, mum, wife and lover of musicals… now working closely with entrepreneurs and innovators on raising their profile by tapping into the power of PR and social media.

Aliska Bierman

Business Branding & Web Design | Co-Founder Publicity Genie

Website Design | Business Branding | Digital Marketing

Aliska’s magic lies in developing content marketing strategies to help SMEs achieve their marketing goals such as building brand recognition, authority and trust; customer engagement; boosting sales; and reducing overall marketing costs.

Rebecca McGregor

PR Partner| Publicity Genie

Publicity Management | Public Relations | Creative Writer

UK born and bred, Rebecca McGregor grew up with storytelling in her blood. Her love for writing led Rebecca into the world of PR and with over 14 years under her belt, her experience speaks for itself. With a no nonsense journalistic approach, she enjoys descriptive writing.

Check out our blog for tips and how to articles for the latest information on industry trends, tools and advice for doing your own publicity, marketing and raising your profile.


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