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Book in your free 20-minute call with me so I can help you find your media story, what media you can reach out to or help you hone your strategy. Of if you have no idea how to even get started … I can point you in the right direction.

Publicity Genie weaves traditional PR with the latest social media platforms and content marketing strategies to get your story into the hands of the right people.

Your story is your most powerful marketing asset. We work with you to raise your profile, cement you as the GO TO person in your field and find you media, speaking and promotional opportunities.




Media Kit


Talking about yourself is hard … no one want to do that! That is why you need to got to someone else talking about you. It’s called third-party credibility.   You can use it by getting your story into the the media, or winning an award, or getting speaking gigs or running your own networking events … becoming a person of influence. Don’t forget the power of  new media like blogging, video, podcast and social media. EVERY business has something to say; has a story to tell. Publicity Genie’s fresh approach will help you raise your profile, lock in your place as an expert and leverage your brand and profile. Some call it PR, getting free publicity; we call relationship building and storytelling – getting your content into the right hands so your ideal audience knows what you do, how you do it and why you do. Packages from $675 per month (or we can do hourly packages – you pick the time).

Public Relations Online Courses



Urgh … not another training program or workshop? YES! Time is short and most of us have a small business for marketing … but we want big results? Life is just so damn busy. That is why most of our training is available online. For those who want to learn the basics of getting into the media and creating great content to leverage with bloggers, podcasters and influencers, there is 5 MINUTE PR – a 4-week program with 2 videos a week taking you through how to find stories, write them, find media contacts and what to send when you send your release – $157.

Or come on one of our ADVENTURE trips.

Or HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PUBLICITY GENIE – 5 modules of content rich step-by-step info and action sheets to help you be your own PR person. Get access to this program for 12 months for $597 (plus exclusive content, interviews and resources). We’ve made it easy and bite-sized. Learn more here


Custom, creative & affordable web solutions for SMEs. We work with you to develop the website  you need to propel your business forward. We help you build your brand authority with consistent visual branding and key messages across all your digital platforms and also implement the latest digital marketing funnel strategies. Well… that sounds boring!  We do all of this so you do not have to worry.  We just need your content (or we can do it for you) and then we can get started creating the perfect site for you.


Social Media Management


Social media management, marketing funnels & brand strategy. So much to choose from, so little time.

We will work with you to find the right one for you and your audience. If we are getting all formal about it, we are talking target audience, platform, messages and content – works and images. We want you to to focus your time and money on to get the best return for your business. With a tailored strategy, you can build effective campaigns to develop strong relationships, engage your customers, grow your list and ultimately increase sales.


Get your hands on my “Be Your Own Publicity Genie” workbook. Click below to find out more and to purchase your copy so you can build great marketing foundations and uncover the story magic in your business:


Here are the PR actions I can either do for you or teach you:
• Strategy development – PR, social media or PR and social media
• Media releases
• Media pitching
• Blogs
• Social media content development and posting
• Interview prep
• Article writing
• Editing/proofreading
• Web content
• Sales emails
• Newsletters

I’ve also written a book if you’d like to DIY some Press Releases and Media Outreach. You can find out more here – PUBLICITY BOOK.

Annette Densham's Book -Be your own Publicity Genie

The Power of PR: Free publicity is 3x more effective than advertising because someone else is giving you credibility.


You CAN NOT buy that.




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Collectively, our clients have received over $4 million worth of free publicity.



Annette Densham

Annette Densham

Publicity Superwoman | Co-Founder Publicity Genie

Engaging Speaker | Trainer | Author | Award Winning Publicity Strategist | Publicity Management | Public Relations | Creative Writer

Annette Densham is a weaver of words, engaging story teller, hoarder of knowledge, larrikin, mum, wife and lover of musicals… now working closely with entrepreneurs and innovators on raising their profile by tapping into the power of PR and social media.

Aliska Bierman

Aliska Bierman

Business Branding & Web Design | Co-Founder Publicity Genie

Website Design | Business Branding | Digital Marketing

Aliska’s magic lies in developing content marketing strategies to help SMEs achieve their marketing goals such as building brand recognition, authority and trust; customer engagement; boosting sales; and reducing overall marketing costs.

Rebecca McGregor

Rebecca McGregor

PR Partner| Publicity Genie

Publicity Management | Public Relations | Creative Writer
UK born and bred, Rebecca McGregor grew up with storytelling in her blood. Her love for writing led Rebecca into the world of PR and with over 14 years under her belt, her experience speaks for itself. With a no nonsense journalistic approach, she enjoys descriptive writing.

Check out our blog for tips and how to articles for the latest information on industry trends, tools and advice for doing your own publicity, marketing and raising your profile.


{SMALL BUSINESS} Using Social Media To Help Each Other Out

I’ve been watching a lot of Facebook and social media posts flying around asking people to support those in small business. Instead of spending your money with the big multinationals, redirect some of your spend to the little guys. A glorious sentiment. Helping someone build their dream. Helping someone grow their business to the point where they are earning a profit and can employ others. Why do we struggle with that? We have no problem walking into Woolworths to spend $200 on stuff in boxes but when our friend asks us to buy their skin care or other useful product, we are reluctant to part with our hard-earned cash. You see it all the time for those in network marketing – they offer similar if not better products than the big well-known chains. Yet their friends run for cover when asked to buy from them. I am sure there is a scientific reason for this (but when I Googled this phenomena, I could not find anything). I find the same mindset on Facebook. For those in small business, the holy grail on Facebook is to get likes and people engaging with our posts. Achieving organic reach is the ultimate but many of us find this hard without spending a few bucks on advertising. Even then, there is no guarantee of post cut through. You see pages with thousands of people as likers; there is lots of ‘to’ going on but not a lot of ‘for’. No comments being made and hardly any likes. There’s a few reasons for that: The content sucks – boring and uninspiring The content misses... read more

{PUBLICITY TIPS} Five PR Tools That Will Not Cost The Earth

PR is everything you say … everything you do and everything people say about you. Getting publicity for your business is the ultimate in third party credibility. But for most small businesses, they are stumped about how to actually use PR to get the attention they desire and need to grow their businesses.  And then there is the perennial challenge in business – having the budget to get someone to help you. What if I gave you some tips on how you can do your own PR and get publicity without it costing a mint? Some simple tools and ideas you can use to help stand out and be noticed? A Lot With Less I picked up many of these tools working in the not for profit world. You learn how to do a lot with less when you are reliant on funding and have a limited (if non-existent budget). It is important to realise PR and publicity is so much more than seeing your name in the paper or your face on the tellie. Mainstream media is just ONE PR tool you can use. Never put your eggs in one basket. That is where picking the right one comes down to knowing (really knowing) your target audience – what they read, watch and listen to – is crucial.  To get the max impact laser focused on your avatar’s pain points. I know we live in an age where we want instant results and want to be overnight successes, but good quality PR and publicity, and relationships build on trust and integrity take time. Some of these tips are... read more

How To Survive Four Years In Business … Making Heaps Of Mistakes

  Whew … four years in business. I made it.  Apparently, I am a high achiever; in the top 5 percent of businesses who make it past the first two years. When I look back over the first two years, I am amazed I made it. I came into business with no business nous AT ALL.  None. Zip. Nada. Yes, I had worked in corporate but I had a team backing me up.  I did not have to know everything. I delegated, redirected or outsourced.  When you have a big budget, you can do this. Entrepreneurship is different. Way, way, way different. You go into business with a great idea; a solution to a problem that you have the skills to solve.  That is the easy bit.  It is all the other things you must make work in business that ensures your growth and profitability. Such as administrative skills, systems and processes, customer service, finance, bookkeeping, web development, social media, marketing … You might tick some of the boxes but chances are not all. The thing is even if you do tick all the boxes, who really can do all of the things you need to do in business well all THE TIME? Quite often, when you start a small business, you begin with little capital (like me) so being able to engage a team to help with all the business management side is not possible. So begins the frenzy of business growth. The long hours trying to get everything done. Family and friends looking at you like you are crazy because you should just go get a job... read more


Content is king.  Most of us feel like jesters when it comes to creating it – we’re either unsure of what to do, how to come up with interesting ideas that do not feel like they have been done to death or even if we have something of value to say. The best way to connect with your audience is to give them info, ideas, topics and useful content they can use to make their lives better and easier. Do you know what that means for you? You have created a valuable relationship – because people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Give them content that doest that. ONE DAY WORKSHOP TO SHOW YOU – how to use it to connect with potential clients and convert into sales. How to use those awesome stories you know you have (deep down) to connect with journalists, who will share your story to MORE people? Do you freeze up when it comes to writing stuff for your Facebook page, your website blog or to share with the media about something awesome you have done? You are seriously not alone. I specialise in helping people find great stories to share across all these platforms.  I have 32 different ways to help you come up with things to write about. Great content helps you build powerful relationships. Great content – sharing information that informs, inspires and  educates is a tools you can use to get leads, make more sales, get publicity through the media and cement you as the authority in your space. Every single one of us in business has stories to share.... read more

{PUBLICITY CASE STUDY} Getting A Story Published

The Courier Mail ran a story about a lady with a rare hearing condition. So far, it has over 400 comments, 70 shares and my client’s email and phone has been running hot. TV programs and other print media have also jumped on this story with it being replicated in Women’s Weekly and Daily News. A great result. What you do not see is the work that went into this story. Oh … and every business has something media worthy to share – it is just working out what. Once you know how, it is like turning on a tap. 1. Find a great angle – my client has developed a new treatment for a range of conditions that taps into neuroscience and brain plasticity. It is the first of its kind and is a real game changer. But this was not enough for a good story … we needed proof it worked. So we added the human element to it (news values – emotion) to make it a stronger story. 2. Wrote the media release – making sure the most important elements – who, what, where, when. how and why. 3. Pitch – we pitched it to a range of media we thought this would be a great story for and followed up. 4. Patience – so we get NOTHING back. My client was frustrated. I said this was normal and let’s just keep chasing. Follow UP! 5. A win – finally one of the journalists we sent the release to got back to us and started the interview process. 6. Patience … again – the journalist told... read more

Award Winner? Me? My Lessons From Entering Business Awards

I have never thought of myself as a winner … of anything. The most exciting thing I remember winning was when I was seven. I won the Top Dog Award For Achievement. This award still means a lot to me – I still have it (and seven was a loooonnnngggg time ago). After losing my job three years ago, I decided to take all I know about the being a journalist and writer, promoting events and causes, and telling stories and start my own public relations business. A big part of doing PR (promoting and sharing what you do) is get third party credibility. That is why word of mouth and referrals is still so powerful … despite all the new ways we have to market our businesses. EQUALS PUBLICITY AND CREDIBILITY In PR, third party credibility comes from appearing in the media- TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, being interviewed on podcasts, and having other people talk about you. And … entering and winning awards. Nothing screams ‘this-business-is-freaking-awesome’ than being named a finalist or winner in a prestigious award. Over the past few years, I have entered many (and won) awards for my clients … and the resulting media coverage, respect from peers and compliments from clients has been beneficial and profitable. NOT GOOD ENOUGH But … I never thought to enter one for myself. As a PR person, my job is to be in the background; making my clients look good. I also did not think I was good enough to enter an award. I mean … who do I think I am? I am not good enough.... read more

How To Know If Your PR Is Working

Have you heard the saying ‘what gets measured improves’? Well … it applies to all aspects of life including our businesses. In my workshops and blogs, I often bang on about having a plan. If you do not have a plan, how do you know where you are going … and how do you know when you get to where you want to be? I work with many people who have a go at using PR as a marketing tool, only to throw in the towel after a few months – “It doesn’t work,” they say. Ah … yes it does.  You gave up too soon. Building a profile and a business, getting noticed, standing out takes time. PR is about building relationships and trust.  Using storytelling to connect and convert. Building a solid profile can take up to THREE years – talk about delayed gratification. I beg you … do not give up.  Even when it seems like nothing is happening, it is. To really get a handle on how your PR is going, it is good idea to test and measure to see what works and what does not.  If you know that, you can adapt your plan to accommodate and hone the tools your are using for better results and use of your time. Be Clear About Getting Publicity It’s important to be clear about what you’re looking for when you measure your PR. Before you start, review your PR objectives and consider: • The target customer segments you have identified • The business characteristics you identified in your PR goals and objectives • The set... read more

How I Pimped My Profile To Get More Publicity

To really stand out, I knew I had to get the basics right. Who am I. What do I do. Why do I do it. Who do I do it for. If I want to get publicity for me … to grow my business … I had to get it right. Right? Living in the media and corporate world for most of my working life, I didn’t need a profile. I just put my head down and did as I was told. I was not the STORY; I wrote the stories for a newspaper or for a CEO. When I started building my business I had to learn how to promote myself. Earning an income was now totally up to me. No weekly income to fall back on. No big marketing budget. Just little old me. Starting from scratch Starting off with no capital and not even sure if anyone wanted what I was selling was daunting. Coming from old school corporate and a 90s newspaper hack, things had changed. My new business was confronted with all these new-fangled ways of connecting with people through the numerous social media platforms – it seemed there was new one popping up every second day. Each one espousing why they were the best one for my business. Oh, did I mention, all the coaches who could show me the right way and make a 6 figure business in under a micro second? Confusing? Totally! I knew I had to get the basics right. Who am I. What do I do. Why do I do it. Who do I do it for. In... read more

What Is PR? How A Small Business Can Use It.

PR is everything you say. Everything you do. Everything people say about you. Before you kick off your PR journey, it is important to understand what PR is and how you can use it. It is: Any activity keeping your brand or you top of mind in a positive way Not just about the media…brand messaging and positioning, awards and speaking engagements, social media, media training, thought leadership, blogging, content marketing Earned media – you did not have to buy it Repeat media – you need more than one media win to stand out PR is like a seed; it takes time to take root and needs to be nurtured to grow. It: Is a long term strategy Builds loyalty, recognition and connections Builds relationships – maintaining healthy media relations Amplifies your profile – here today, gone tomorrow. PR is about getting key messages out to targeted media outlets My view is different. Public relations are a key component of any operation in this day of instant communications and rightly inquisitive citizens.  Alvin Adams If some dude from the 1800s thought this about PR then, do you see how valuable it is for your business now? Wanted and needed There are thousands of journalists and content platforms on the lookout for good stories – they NEED THEM. The problem is you probably think you have nothing to say, or are not sure how to go about reaching out, or think you need to employ an agency to help you. PR is no longer the sole domain of big business. Journalists want to share news from all types of businesses. What you... read more

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