Panning for your story gold

Panning for your story gold

“No one is interested in what I have to say.”

“My business is boring.”

“I have no stories to share.”

I hear this so often from small business people. I wonder if it is because we are so numb to good news stories because we are pummeled with mindless nonsense, bad news and inane celebrity news on a daily basis. It’s easy to think no one would be interested in your story because of this focus.

With thousands of media publications, podcasters and bloggers in Australia, there is an audience for your stories (you have more than one story). It is just a matter of sitting down and getting started. The best way I know to find something where you think there is nothing is to write a list of all the problems you solve. Under each problem write your solutions, case studies that demonstrate how you help and any other supporting evidence. You will find you can pull out at least 10 stories from this process.

The next best way is to write out those frequently asked questions. You may even find some industry secrets in this process – the media love secrets.

When it comes to finding media stories in your business, you want to go past the Andy Warhol moment. You do not want one 15 minute of fame; the idea is to maximise your story for multiple media wins. Making a list of story ideas, finding different angles in each will help you share your story far and wide.

Yes…you could hire someone to do your PR for you BUT journalists actually want to hear from you – the business owner. You are the magic in your business, connected emotionally to your stories. Use this to connect and build relationships.

If you do need help, Publicity Genie does a 3 hour Story Development Strategy Session where we dig through your business and your experiences to come up with over 25 stories you can use throughout the year, different angles and ideas on who you can send the stories to. If you want more information, contact me on

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