Persistent. Consistent. Resistant.

Persistent. Consistent. Resistant.

I’ve tried PR before. It did not work.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas A. Edison

PR is a marathon; a long term strategy. Sending out one media release and expecting a media frenzy is unrealistic unless your story is ground-breaking or breaking news. It does happen but generally speaking it takes time to build relationship with the media. There are many reason why your story was not picked up: breaking news booted it from the lineup, it was not newsworthy, the release was boring and not well written, the current story mix (there was another story similar to yours) or you just missed deadline.

PR is all about being persistent, consistent and resistant.

A PR plan will help guide you on your PR journey – find new angles on your product or service made with the journalist in mind. Invest in getting to know the publications and programs you want to be in/on – show the journalist you are serious, provide good information, and that you are reliable and credible.

One media release may not be enough; there is a lot more to it than a one-off release. The secret to getting media attention is about developing a long term strategy.

If you do not have a go, then you will never know if your story could have got a run. After all, what is the worst thing that could happen to you? They say no? Pick up the phone. So what if you make mess of things. Learn from your experience and do better next time.

You have to learn to deal with rejection. Ok, you gave it a go and got a no. Be gracious and polite. Never take a no personally. It could be there are other things going on that day in the newsroom you are not privy to. It just means your story idea is not a priority at that time. Always approach a journalist by asking if they have time to talk…may as well start off on the best foot.

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