Marisa Russo, author of “Freeing the Unloved Girl”, suffered all forms of abuse in her childhood. Now she uses her pain as her power to help other women who have become stuck in women’s only workshops starting next month.

Marisa often considered ending her life; she wanted to keep her bedroom door locked at night to help feel safe. Her childhood had created dysfunction in her adulthood, which triggered chronic stress, addictions, and constant self-loathing.

Fast forward to her adult life, and after slogging it out in the corporate world for years, Marisa was forced to quit her job due to physical and emotional pain that surfaced from nowhere, without warning.

“I was experiencing high levels of anxiety, panic attacks and felt unsafe, so I decided to take control and quit my job to heal myself and help others,” continued Marisa.

Previously, Marisa had only used traditional medicine to find relief from the pain that plagued her. She was pushed to the point of trying something different and found alternative healing methods. She soon realised that every crisis or problem could turn into something good if you are able to overcome it.

“When I changed my emotions, beliefs, negative conditioning, and improved my choices, my life completely turned around. I’ve gone through dark night of the soul and turned my pain into power. I strongly believe that when women heal, the world will heal,” continued Marisa.

Marisa created award winning Forensic Healing System in 2011. “It’s an alternative healing modality that teaches women to heal themselves so they can then heal others.

“My approach is finding the root cause of people’s life blocks, as uncovering the truth sets people free” said Marisa.

On March 17-18 2018, Marisa will be hosting a 2 day workshop called Get the Universe Working For You in Melbourne at Toorak Tennis Club and each state around Australia, helping women to address physical, emotional, financial, and relationships issues which inevitably stems from negative childhood conditioning or abuse.

Women interested in attending this life changing workshop, can find more information out here: