Xero has just signed on the dotted line as the sponsor of CopyCon, Australia’s first and only copywriting conference.

Kate Toon, conference founder and award-winning copywriter, said having Xero on board means the conference can ramp up her mission of helping beginner and experienced copywriters excel.

“I started CopyCon to give back to the copywriting community. Working as a freelancer or solo business person – or even in an agency – can get lonely. The conference gives attendees a chance to learn, connect and build a support network,” Kate said.

“Last year’s event was a huge success, and this year I wanted to build momentum with fresh speakers and a Mastermind event.”

Marina Holmes, Communications & Strategic Relations Director, Xero Australia, said it’s important to sponsor events like CopyCon. “In this day in age, content cannot be underestimated to connect. This event is a beautiful blend of supporting storytelling and the small businesses behind the words,” she said.

“There is nothing more courageous than a person willing to embrace entrepreneurship, go out on their own and create a business from the ground up.”

The Copywriting Conference helps freelance and in-house copywriters build better businesses, learn new copywriting skills, and grow revenue through practical presentations and digging into trends and challenges.

“Having Xero as a sponsor means I can afford to deliver an excellent conference experience and keep costs down. I want to help people improve their skills and expertise, and freelance copywriters don’t have huge buckets of cash,” Kate said.

Kate has been a Xero customer for over five years. “It is one of the few software programs you buy that doesn’t disappoint,” she said. “It is a brand I personally like and admire, especially their support for small business.

“Sponsors like Xero make events like this viable. It puts a stamp of approval on the conference and the freelance industry. That’s worthy of attention and shows we’re all heading in the right direction.”

Marina said CopyCon is a standout event. “Leading a communications team for a company with more than 500,000 small businesses customers across Australia, I am lucky enough to see firsthand the lasting power of authentic storytelling,” she said.

“Content marketing and content strategy is both a personal passion and a core business focus for the future – and Xero will continue to invest in new ideas and smart minds to bring our diverse customer stories to life.”

The feedback from 2017 CopyCon was exceptional. Kate said there was something special about the first year. “It was a meeting of a whole bunch people for the first time in real life. Yes, we all connect online via The Clever Copywriting School Community but there’s something incredible about meeting in person. CopyCon brought us all together,” she said.

“There is a tangible kind of excitement; of people just wanting to learn and hear from speakers there to make a difference in other people’s businesses. The Xero team are going to have the opportunity to meet people at different stages of their journey – all ready to soak up their great advice.”

Marina said Xero backs small business. “We know many copywriters and freelance writers are small business owners themselves. Nothing beats hearing the story of a small business owner. I love that we can support the business-building storytellers of Australia,” she said.