When Gold Coast business coach Kate Osborne wanted to grow her business, she knew she wanted to help a young woman who wanted a foot in the door.

She reached out to Julie Bolitho asking about the Queensland Government’s Back to Work initiative.

The initiative gives Queensland employers the confidence to take on someone new and the opportunity to grow their business by providing up to $20,000 to take on an employee.

She helped Kate find Jess Phillips, who started with her business three week’s ago. “I want to give back but as a small business, it is a big step to take on a staff member,” Kate said.

“When I heard about the Back To Work initiative, I knew I could make it work for me and for Jess.”

Kate has been coaching small businesses for over 14 years and has found a way to tie her clients’ goals to helping Jess grow.

At her last quarterly planning workshop, she challenged her clients to set their goals for the next 90s days. For every client who reached theirs, Kate would pay Jess a $10 ‘success fee’per goal achieved.

Kate said she has found with her coaching clients they do not always do what they say they will do. “But I do find they are motivated to help others. By linking their goals to Jess’, it becomes less about them and more about helping a young person achieve their goals,” she said.

“It encourages people to do what they know they should be doing. We all need a little extra push sometimes.”

Jess was between jobs after her previous employer moved states. At 17, she was keen to keep building on her skills.

“From the first day I started with Leisure Seekers it was good to actually meet the clients rather than be put behind a desk doing basic admin. I am saving for my first trip overseas and all the clients are very motivated to help me”

Kate was coaching at Apprenticeship Queensland when they suggested to her she looks at the Back To Work initiative.

“It was ideal for me. I was nervous about taking someone on but knowing there is support to help small businesses grow and help a young person is huge help,” Kate said.

“Jess came in and I was so impressed.”

Kate and Jess’s journey is supported by Orion Training Company who work with Kate to coach her through the process of being a new employer.

“I remember when I wanted to have a baby, the government had the baby bonus to help. Now I want to grow my business and support a young person there is funding available,” she said.