With the average wedding coming in at over $30k, and with at least 10 percent spent on flowers, it is no surprise brides want to find a new way to immortalise the event. Who really wants to throw away money? In an industry where innovation is hard to come by, most bridal bouquets end up dried and framed but one enterprising business has found a way to preserve the beauty of the bouquet and a memory of the wedding.

Elise Catterall, from Floragraphica, said couples put a huge amount of love and effort (and money) into choosing their bouquet and it is usually just enjoyed for one day. “I wanted to change that,” she said.

Floragraphica creates beautiful wall art from fine art photography of the wedding bouquet (and other important flowers).
With a background in natural medicine, Elise was working as a naturopath and photographing herbal medicines for a book when the idea of shooting bouquets was born. “I wanted to make a beautiful book on flowering herbal plants, so I studied photography. My friends and family loved my photos and asked to buy the images from me and this led to taking photos of bridal flowers,” Elise said.

“I create heirloom pieces that mean something – a reminder of a magical day. Every time the couple look at the art on their walls, they are reminded of their connection and their wedding.

“It is not only a way to preserve the beauty of the bouquet and a memory of the wedding, but is also a beautiful way to decorate the home in a unique and meaningful way.”

Until now, the main option to preserve a bridal bouquet has been to press and dry it but the process changes the look of the flowers and doesn’t stand the test of time. Floragraphica’s images are printed on archival quality cotton rag paper with giclee print processing to ensure the art works last a lifetime, becoming an heirloom to be handed down to future generations.

“Wedding flowers are always so beautiful, and it is such a shame that they are really only enjoyed for one day. Photographing them is a way to enjoy them for long after the wedding and flowers always make the most beautiful art” Elise said.

“We celebrate the true beauty of the wedding flowers in a way that traditional preservation methods can’t.

“By creating photographic art from the bouquet, you can not only enjoy the bouquet yourself, but also share the images with others – via thank you cards, or art prints you can give as gifts.”