Rings of Affirmation Inspire Love

Rings of Affirmation Inspire Love

What words combined sum you up – your spirit, your heart, your values? Are you a Princess Warrior or a Love Warrior? Or maybe you Love Family? Or you believe in Infinity Love?

Love Lockets has released a new range of rings where the power of positive affirmations extends all the way to the fingertips.

Inspi{rings} feature six inspiring words – Love, Warrior, Survivor, Family, Infinity, and Princess – and can be worn in any combination desired.

Hayley Birtles-Eades, Love Lockets founder, said you only need to look on social media to see how popular sharing positive quotes and words of affirmation are. “We are all about love so it made sense to come up with a piece of jewellery when people can create statements that suit their mood,” she said.

“When you think about how we communicate with each other – through words and gestures – having powerful words in plain sight helps us connect more deeply with each other.”

Love Lockets has grown from a small home-based business run from Hayley’s dining room to four retail outlets, a popular online store and distributors based across Australia.

Hayley said when she was looking for a name the business, it was important to have a love theme…hence the name Love Lockets.

“I believe in love. Love is everything – what you feel for your family, your children, your partner and for life. Everything we do at Love Lockets is based on love. We want to share that with as many people as possible.

“Wearing a Love Locket or an Inspi{ring} shares with the world your story and what is important to you…and draws people closer to your heart. We give new meaning to ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’. A Love Locket keeps you connected to the memories and events important to you…around your neck or on your wrist,” she said.

Love Lockets stores are located at Paddington, Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre, Westfield North Lakes, Logan Hyperdome, Fortitude Valley – Homemaker City, Kotara Westfields and Victoria Lily – Brighton.

Inspi{rings} retail for $39 and come in a range of sizes.

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