Shout It From The Roof Tops – Sharing A Win

Shout It From The Roof Tops – Sharing A Win

I am really honoured to have won a Main Training Edupreneur Award for Media and PR. I have not won a lot of things in my life – a few raffles, a cuddly toy at a fete, school captain (that was cool). That is because I never really put myself out there.

Yes, yes…I’m an extrovert but that is more about being entertaining than really acknowledging my skills and expertise. It’s time.

At 45 yo, I have shown myself it is never too old to believe, achieve and shine.

With over 30 years of being an employee under my belt and a background that did not encourage entrepreneurial mindset – only study hard, get a good job and do as you’re told – I am grateful to an edupreneur who got me on my way. Thanks Steve Essa for showing me that I had something of value to teach.

What kind of PR person would I be if I did not get some publicity for my efforts? Watch out for an article coming out next week from my local paper.

Here are my tips on what you can do to capitalise on an award win:

Badge Your Site

Download a logo or a site badge to proudly tout your achievement for the world to see.

Share With The Media

Send out to your local media a release outlining your accomplishment. Make sure you include: WHO you are, WHAT category you won, WHEN you won the award, WHERE the award was given, WHY you won it.

Thank Your Network

Send an email to your network of colleagues, vendors, friends, family and customers to let them know about your win.

Marketing Plan Centrepiece

Take out an ad in a local or national newspaper or magazine, add the ward logo to all your marketing collateral, add the logo to your social media banners.

Tweet, Blast, Post, Update, Blog…

Update your Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn – whatever platforms you are using, share your win far and wide.

Brag, Boast, Bravo

Add the win to your bio and on all your platform ABOUT sections.

Sign Your Name

Add the award logo and include the category you won in your email signature.

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