WORKSHOP – Come Makeover Your Profile; It’s Time To Primp

WORKSHOP – Come Makeover Your Profile; It’s Time To Primp

Just starting out in business? Or been in business a while and your profile is a little stale?

Not sure where to start but know you want to be seen as the ‘expert’ in your space?

And .. you have found out being in business for yourself means you have to be an expert in all areas of business development.

While I cannot make everything easier for you, I can help you with building your profile and making it POP. Come on … let’s do this together.

I can help you shine as the expert in your field, the go-to authority, a person of influence – perfect if you are building your profile as a speaker or author

How about media attention? The BEST FORM of SOCIAL PROOF. Journalists want their info to be easy to find. Primping Your Profile will deliver everything about you on a silver platter ready for thousands in free publicity.

Let’s get you set so you can  start sharing your amazingness with the world.

Just like a solid building, you need to cement your profile foundations.

Things like your bio, key messages, the platforms you will use to share your business and the content you will share.

Does your bio read like a boring resume?

Do you really understand your purpose and what you offer?

Are you spreading yourself too thin across multiple platforms and not getting anywhere?

Have no idea how to come up with great content to share with your target audience and ultimately with the media?

Ok … do not despair.

There is a solution! In four steps, we will primp your profile, giving it a makeover you can use immediately. Using my tried and tested templates, we will nail your bio, key messages and uncover the platforms you should be on for maximum exposure.


By doing a profile makeover or do-over, you become more attractive to the media – they can find info on you EASILY and QUICKLY – how would $100k of free publicity boost your business?

Here’s what we will do together so you can get more leads, stand out, free up more time to be with your loved ones and achieve your business goals:

1. Your story – write a bio you can use across multiple platforms. One filled with personality and insight into why you ARE the right person to work with. I will also show you how to edit it to use for your media kit, speakers profile, on social media and your website. People do business with people – show them who you are. Plus give you loads of templates to use.

2. What do you do – A key message is a strong statement about your business’s belief about itself and what you offer. It can also be a strong statement about a particular issue or topic.

Developing key messages is about creating the core messages that underpin what you do and WHY you do it. What you need is a sharp, snazzy one-liner you can roll out at any given media opportunity or networking event so you are never stuck for words.

Once you have developed these, use in all your communications – website, media releases, interviews, functions, events, everywhere! Remember how you learnt the times table at school – it was all about repetition. Hearing the same thing over and over until it was cemented in your head. The same goes with public relations – the more your target audience hears your message, the more likely they’ll turn to you when they need your product or service.

3. Sharing your message – there are oodles of different platforms you can use to share your message.  Are you confused as to which one you should be using.  We will go over the main social media platforms and then  work out WHICH ones you should be using (it all has to do with your target audience – we’ll work on that too; it’s vital to know this for your messaging and PR)

4. Storytelling for profile, profit and publicity – ultimately you want to be able to share your stories with media – there is nothing like the third party credibility the media can give your business. But do you wonder what stories you have to share? My 25 years as a journalist, working business, technology, sport, health and general news will come in handy as we talk about five different ways to come up with content for your business. You may not be ready for the media but we can start planning. We’ll brainstorm three media angles you can use for media releases, blogs or social media posts.



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