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We do PR for micro and small businesses

because   you shouldn't be the best kept secret

PR is a changing beast. It used to be about getting on TV or in the paper ... and while that is still a cool thing to happen, there is so much you can do to be visible.


We weave traditional PR – media releases and media outreach – with digital and new media. We write articles. We repurpose your content. We help you leverage your magic.


Your audience doesn't just use one channel and many no longer get their news the old fashion way.

That is why our strategies encompass social media, blogging, grants, awards and video. 


We get to understand your target audience and take the story to them, spreading them far and wide. 

We love leverage … and that is our secret power.  We know how to take one story and repackage it in 10 different ways.

It is called relationship building. It takes time but it is worth it.

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