Media release hack

You don't always have to send a media release or pay someone to send one for you. 


When building your PR relationships, you don;t want to waste a journos time reading through 500 words of something that may not have media legs.

But you know you are onto something. Instead use our media release hack - it gives the high points of a story idea to test the waters, to see if the journo is interested.

Of, writing is not your forte so this hack is great to just get the facts across without waxing lyrical.

At under 200 words, it fits above the fold of your screen (no scrolling down, down, down to get to the point), and it is a succinct way to get your idea across quickly and efficiently. 

There's a box over there ==> leave your details and in a matter of moments you will have the media hack in your inbox.


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