• Annette Densham

Three Things Needed To Grow In Business

I have learnt over the past five years it takes time to build a brand (yes, even for someone who works in PR and media). There are no overnight successes, even though it seems that way when you are on the outside looking in. To become well known and in-demand is like being a duck on a pond - cool and calm on the surface but paddling madly underneath.

Growing a brand is all about persistence, consistency and resistence.

Persistence - don't give up if what ever you are doing to promote your business doesn't work in a week or six months or a year. Adapt. Test and measure. Change. Just do not stop. It can take three to five years to build a solid business. So business success is really an inside job, as cliche as that is.

Consistency - start with a plan and stick to it. Don't be a workshop junky, jumping from course to course, hoping to find the magic bullet. There isn't one. Success will come from creating a plan, following it, doing the things over and over and being open to change if it is not working. Don't try PR for one month or two and think it isn't working. Marketing and PR is all about relationships - it takes time to make connections.

Resistence - resist the voice in your head that says you are loser, useless, hopeless, a failure, an imposter. What does he/she know? Resist giving up because someone said no to you or the media didn't like your media release. Find ways to repurpose content and reuse. Find ways to reach your target audience with real messages rather than spin and salesy pitches.


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