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Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs - Guess Who Made The List?

I am big believer in everyone has a story ... and not just one. Our lives are layers of the good and bad that has happened to us and shaped us.

You know I am a big sharer of things that happen to me - in my business and my personal life - but there is not enough time in Facebook post to get across the things that have truly shaped me. I know I come across confident and some have told me a little intimidating. My son has told me I can be scary 📷;) (have you seen his room?).

I am always on Facebook sharing something - a media win for a client, someone else's achievement, sharing some titbit of knowledge I have. Anything. My husband says I am an oversharer.

It was something the extraordinary Chrissy Leontios wrote the other day, that got me thinking about why I now share so much ... and why the mission behind my business is to encourage women to share their stories, accomplishments and achievements with confidence, without apology, with pride and dignity.

I grew up with violence, abuse and chaos, When I look back, there wass not a lot of good I remember about being a kid. EXCEPT my love of reading and writing. These two things were my safe refuge. I was always told children are to be seen and not heard, to shut up, go away. I was reserved, shy and scared.

Fast forward to this chick in her late 40s ... I am brassy, cheeky, opinionated, forward and open.

It was not easy becoming this person. I remember the first couple of years in my business. Having to talk about myself. Urgh. So awkward, horrible, uncomfortable. The first time I entered an award - that little voice in my head telling me I am not worthy, not good enough and I do not deserve it.

Now ... well, you know what I am like. I push people to enter awards, I enter awards for my business, for me. No one can tell me who or what I am. No one can tell you who you are and what to you can do.

I woke recently to a wonderful email telling me about a nomination as one of Australia's top 10 women entrepreneurs. I had to slap myself a little because the first thing that went through my head was 'shit, there are better people than me out there'. But I look at what my little business has done, I have supported my family, paid for overseas holidays with cash, helped many businesses get in the media, mentored and supported other women in business and yes, I've made mistakes and stuffed up ... but I have learnt every step of the way. That to me is success.


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