A little helping hand to write your story

We totally get it. Writing about yourself is just plain hard.  We even get stumped writing about ourselves. It is only because we have decades of experience that we can put aside our 'no-one-wants-to-know-about-me' hat and get to the guts of a story because we know people do business with people.

You can get to that point as well but it means not giving up, even when the going gets tough.

The problem is we live in a world that does not encourage us to celebrate our wins or talk about ourselves.

We don't mean the awful braggy, know-it-all, look at me talk but the honest to goodness, authentic real stories that resonate with people, inspire them and are just downright helpful. 

This book will help you.

If you get stuck and want us to do it for you, we have a our special get started pack at $605 per month where we will come up with 4 stories and pitch them to the media as a release, an article or as your hero story.

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