Our terms and conditions

1. We will distribute acceptable content to various media outlets, but makes no guarantee that any content will be published or in any other way used by any third parties to whom it is sent, and we make no representations or warranties whatsoever in relation to any potential improvement in search engine rankings or similar potential benefits.

2. We do work out hardest to get a story over the line - we follow up, and follow up and follow up.

3. If we do not get you a minimum of 6 placements in a four month period, we will keep going until we get one.

4. If you wish to cease working wth us, we require one month's notice in writing - not a Facebook message or a text). You have agreed to a four month project - that started with the strategy session (this is not included in the four months). If you wish to stop working in the middle of the four month project, you will still have to pay for the outstanding months. You have agreed to a set term with us and it will be a considered a breach of contract. As we appraoch the end of the four months, you need to advise, at least two weeks before the end of the project that you do not wish to procced.

5. We shall use all reasonable endeavours to meet any performance dates for the services we deliver, but any such dates shall be estimates only and time shall not be of the essence for the performance of the services.

6. The charges for services are outlined in the quote, but all errors and omissions are hereby excluded. We reserve the right to alter our charges for the services at any time. All prices are subject to fair usage.

7. The client (you) shall pay for the services in full in advance, by credit or debit card, prior to work commencing and at the start of each month. If payment is not received, then the work will not commence and any prearranged meetings will be postponed.

8. In the event payment is not made in accordance to our terms and conditions, accounts will be deactivated until the invoice is paid.

9. Refunds - If you are not happy with the first draft work, we will not refund as you have not given us a chance to meet your expecations. A draft is just that - a draft. The first thing we send you is never the final offering. Once work has been commenced, we have invested time and resources to work on your PR campaign.


The price of the service we offer (writing a media release, article or piece of content or PR campaign) is not just about the 'win' but the legwork that goes into providing the service. If there is an unused portion of a service, we will discuss a part refund taking into account the planning and work done.  We are happy to talk about the issue you've so we can rectify it.


We work to meet Queensland's consumer guarantee


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Terms and Conditions


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